On July 17th, Savannah Technology companies will open their workspaces for a show-and-tell that brings the community together for a progressive open house event. Curious Savannahians will be able to check out their digs, hear about their products and meet the people leading the technology movement in Savannah. Attendees will have a scheduled stop at each workspace and will be transported via Trolley courtesy of Old Savannah Tours.   more

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If you’d like to be added to the list, follow the directions on the bottom of the page and I’ll post things I find interesting from time to time on the blog part. 

The list went from 0 to 35 in the first week.  I had no idea there were so many creative companies in town!  Welcome aboard, everyone!


Savannah’s gardens and architecture delight, amaze and surprise, but the city is about to get a lot prettier and a lot more interesting.  I’m not talking “spring”, I’m talking “seesaw”.

Created in 2011, SeeSAW (See Savannah Art Walls) funds and coordinates “community themed murals in the public domain.”  Having developed a protocol by which artists may propose and execute public works, SeeSAW works directly with the city to facilitate the process.  SeeSAW’s first mural is currently being “kickstarted" through the end of the month.  If you have love and pride for Savannah and its artists, this is the site for you.  (or donate & support here)

And please come visit in early February to see the wall painted.

In the meantime, you can enjoy several pics by Savannah photographer Cedric Smith of You’re Welcome Savannah during a recent South Magazine photo shoot at 34th and Habersham.

  • Question: Why does Savannah seem to thrive on "good enough" instead of pushing for greatness? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    No one “thrives” on “good enough”.  You can get by.  You can make a living.  You can have different priorities that make it look like you’re thriving when you’re really just working to fuel some other dream. I think there are people here who are pushing for greatness, as I hope you’ll see over time through this site and by paying attention to the things going on with the Creative Coast and other organizations.

    I challenge you to come out from behind your anonymous wall and back up your statement with real evidence, because I see a lot of people doing a lot of great work and “pushing for greatness”.  Savannah has its own unique challenges that can make achieving greatness difficult, but they’re no greater than the challenges that exist in other places.  We can dwell on the negatives, or we can try to overcome them.  I’d rather overcome them.


Jantze Studios is led by Michael Jantze and creates short-form animation for film, television and the web, making entertainment and brand theater for corporate clients and creatie studios. Find us at Jantze.com

Editor’s note: Michael wrote one of my all-time favorite web comics: The Norm.  This site is already totally worth it just to know that one of my favorite artists lives right here in Savannah!


First ever Transformers convention in Savannah’s History. As we may seem to cater to just local fans, by our name, This convention is for everyone in the world. Held yearly, Savcon is for Transformer fans of all ages. We will have special guests as well as voice actors and other such events that you are well aware of from other mainstream conventions.
www.Savcon.net for more information! 


It all started with an e-mail… Bradley Taylor (CEO of Rails Machine) emailed Jake Hodesh (Director of The Creative Coast), then Jake emailed me. Ten minutes later, I’d created a new tumblr, pointed an unused domain name at it and here we go.

This blog exists to share what’s going on in Savannah’s small but growing creative/tech community.  We’re going to showcase companies, maintain the Made in Savannah list, and share some of our awesome with the world.

If you’re also made in Savannah, check out the page and follow the instructions for being included on the list.  If you’d like to write up something about what you do, why you’re made in Savannah and why other people should make stuff here too, click the “SUBMIT” link up there and write a blog post for us!  Tell us your founding story, your biggest challenge in your business or how you conquered your world.

And if you’re not made in Savannah, welcome!  I hope you’ll stick around for the fun.